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F22- Android 4.4 OS Push To Talk Smartphone, first android PTT Phone



F22 is a leading edge PTT device powered by Android OS and designed for use in mission critial applications. The hybrid design of the F22 (part smartphone, part portable 2 way radio) makes it perfect for use with both exisiting and emerging PTT applications such as Zello, GroupTalk and Azetti Networks PTT. The flexibilty of Android OS means you can choose the best SAAS solution for your needs so your PTT device will always be ready for new features and functions by simply updating an APP.


  • NO RANGE LIMITATIONS:                                     
    Traditional walkie talkie will have limitation .while for F22,With a mobile signal or WiFi converage you can use them to keep in communication with your colleagues. Conventional 2 way radios are mostly limited to line of site range without the use of expensive repeaters, even then the range will be limited to a geographical area.
  • PTT RADIOS WITHOUT CONSTRAINTS:                                   
    F22 use a push to talk (PTT) technology called push to talk over cellular (PTToC), it's a modern technology for sending voice data accross the cellular network or internet rather than purely over the airwaves like conventional two way radios.
  • INTERFERENCE FREE                                                   
    F22 do not suffer from interference, we've all experienced bad reception when using crackly walkie talkies. This can even be the same with professional Two Way Radios. Because smart radios are digital and they harness the power of of a cellular or Wifi Network they provide ultra high quality audio with no crackles!         



LCD 2.4QVGA  240*32MM
TP G+F capacitive touch screen
Resolution QVGA
Platform MTK6572W
GSM/WCDMA/FDD bands GSM900/1800 MHZ
WCDMA850/1900/2100 MHZ
Memory 512MB+4G
SD Card Up to 32GB
FM Support 
Camera Front 2.0mp(SW 5mp), Rear 5.0MP(SW 8.0MP)
Flashlight Support
GPS +Beidou Support
WIFI 2.4G support 802.11
FM Support
SIM Normal+Micro
IO Micro 5 Pin
DC Not Support
Earphone Support M6 Earphone Connector
USB Support
Download Support
Input Android Keyboard
Launguage Multi-Language
Video Support MP4,3GP,AVI
Audio Support MP3,MID,AMR
FM Support FM and network FM
Online TV Support
Battery 3500 mah



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